US Government admits problems in Carbon Trading

This just came in via Larry and basically says, that the United States Government Accountability Office sees the ‚Baseline-Problem‘, the sense in ‚Offsetting‘ when wanting real mitigation, and the CDM-Scheme in general.
The US General Accounting Office (GAO) says (5 March 2009) that:

„… inherent uncertainty exists in measuring emissions reductions relative to such a baseline … questions about whether interchangeable and of comparable quality … offsets could lower the cost of complying with an emissions reduction policy, but this may delay on-site reductions by regulated entities … offsets could compromise the environmental certainty of a regulatory program if offsets used for compliance lack credibility.“

The CDM’s „effects on emissions are uncertain, largely because it is nearly impossible to determine the level of emissions that would have occurred in the absence of each project … available evidence from those with experience in the program suggests that some offset projects were not additional. … the use of offsets for compliance—even in a rigorous, standardized process like the CDM—may compromise the environmental integrity of mandatory programs to limit emissions … tradeoffs involving cost savings and the credibility of offsets … “
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The Report is available here: GOA-Website


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