Friends of the Earth: Pay €35bn/a, dirty Europe!

The liftwing NGO Friends of the Earth Europe had a Press-release yesterday, arguing for more money being transfered form the Global North to the Global South due to Climate-crimes:

„Taking into account the historical responsibility of the EU countries for producing emissions, and their capacity to pay, the EU’s fair share of the bill is of at least Euro 35 billion per year.“

Edit: Greenpeace joined in and tried to bloc the EU, 340 arrested! – great action!!! (I wish they would everyone participate in those actions, not just their elites)! (Link1 Link2)

Hundreds of activists were arrested as they demanded EU finance ministers Bail out the planet.

Hundreds of activists were arrested as they demanded EU finance ministers "Bail out the planet."

I support this view and call on Europe and the „civilized world“ to pay give more financial help to the countries that suffer most from the historical emissions produced in Bochum, Manchester or Pennsylvania. This money should be payed not thorugh CDM or other flexible mechanisms (which are payed by private companies) but directly from the states (do climate taxes!) of the North to a Fund that relegates it according to needs to the South. This Fund should be better governed than the GEF with a

one-country-one-vote rule and a majority of Southern Representatives as they ARE a majority on the world and most effected by severe Climate Change.

Yesterday, the european Economy- and Financeministers (so called ECOFIN) sat together to talk about COP 15. Here are some of there findings (taken from „Klima der Gerechtigkeit“, Link on the left –>)

1. Implementation of “negative cost abatement options”, which means that developing countries have to calculate possible wins and thus get less money.

2. All states except LDCs and SIDS (small island developing states) have to differentiated show mrv (measurable, reportable and verifiable) climate protection measures. Why? Just to make COP15 more complicated and trust-less I guess. Thanks Ecofin!

3. a GLOBAL ETS (emission trading scheme) including all OECD-countries (thus also Mexico and South Korea!!!) by 2015 and with „some“ NICs (newly industrialised countries) in 2020. If China will even listen to this proposal? An ETS includes alsways a cap-and-trade. But does any developing country want a CAP (maximum-allowed emissions)?

4. The private sector is suppose to be giving the most money to the adaptation-financing. Stupid idea! Tax dirty behavior! „Tax what they burn, not what they earn“ (Al Gore).

5. “The Council (Ecofin) affirms that in the context of an international and comprehensive agreement, the EU stans ready to contribute its fair share.” What is this ‚fair share‘?

What is fair nowadays?


Über GYGeorg

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