No to NATO! Yes to Peace!

I would like to bring you attention on the following issues:

The role of NATO has become increasingly unclear nowadays.

The role of NATO has become increasingly unclear nowadays.

The military North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is celebrating its 60th anniversary in just two weeks time. It is doing so in the French town of Straßbourg and the German village of Kehl (both near the Fr-Ger border) to avoid having a central demonstration/action to protest the militaristic gathering.

The NATO was founded on the slogan: Keep the Americans in Europe, The Russians out of it and the Germans down. Today, we have

fundamentally changed – but so hasn’t Nato! The Americans don’t want to be „in“ Europe an, to say it frankly, we don’t want them here! (We are talking about military and McDonalds! I love to have my US-buddies here, so please don’t read me wrong!) The Russians are tried to  be kept „in“ (see Nato-Russia-Council etc.) and thus keeping them peaceful while the Germans are wanted to play a larger role in Nato-strategy (=more troops and responsibility in Afghanistan). So why do we still have this old structure that was founded on the East-West divide? Those times are over! Now we have a South/North-divide, with those being less geographical terms as more economic ones. Thus, the „divide“ is social and economic as well as ecology (think who pollutes and who pays the price for this!) and not military. In fact, there are no military divides anymore in the world and we don’t want new ones to rise up (think: China, India, Pakistan!). So why keeping the image of having a large-scale military conflict such as „the West against the Rest“ by maintaining a huge military apparatus as Nato?

like a veil of militarism over Europe: NATO

like a veil of militarism over Europe: NATO

Why is – in the time of ‚asymmetric wars‘ where tanks are less and less useful – Nato seemingly on the rise? (France Nato again.)

When NATO starts celebrating itself and the domination of its thinking in Western thought, not all people will rejoice. The critical thinkers gather (somewhere) around the leaders to make their voice – a voice that comes from pacifist, anti-militarist, peace and just minds – heard. Check out the Call and the Website of the movement NO TO NATO. There is a lot of stuff planned: an alternative summit with workshops, a peace-march form Germany to France, demonstration, music, blockades… So check out if you can join us!


Über GYGeorg

Global. Young. Green. Drei Eigenschaften von Georg, der lange u.a. bei den Global Young Greens (GYG) aktiv war und mittlerweile für den Kohleausstieg in Deutschland kämpft.

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  1. Hey, I noticed the title of your blog. I thought you might be interested in some of the things I post about. I’m constantly talking about climate change and renewable energy.

  2. I just had a shor tlook – but it seems nice and interestig. I put it on my blogroll. You have to check out !!! If oyu like it – join! 🙂

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