G-20 in London – Central to fighting Climate Change?

The famous PIK published a new report by Prof. Edenhofer and Nicholas Stern on the global GREEN recovery to German Foreign Minister Steinmeier. See here.  While they come up with two stages, I find it critical, that the G-20 is so very much central to their thinking. The UN should stay central as it is less dominated by the Western rich countries.

The first phase would include three measures aimed at directly boosting demand and employment in the short term.

1) Improving energy efficiency

2) Upgrading physical infrastructure

3) Supporting clean technology markets

The second phase should focus on measures effective on the medium term.

4) Initiating flagship projects

5) Enhancing international research and development

6) Incentivising investment

7) Co-ordinating G20 efforts

made by the PIK

made by the PIK


Über GYGeorg

Global. Young. Green. Drei Eigenschaften von Georg, der lange u.a. bei den Global Young Greens (GYG) aktiv war und mittlerweile für den Kohleausstieg in Deutschland kämpft.

Veröffentlicht am März 30, 2009 in Climate Policy und mit getaggt. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink. Hinterlasse einen Kommentar.

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