FYEG pushes through Youth Paper at Council of EGP

Great: The Federationof Young European Greens (FYEG) pushed through their Youth Paper at Council of European Green Party! I was able to help a little as part of the rather conservative (still green) german delegation.

slogar of the EGP this coming elections

slogar of the EGP this coming elections

 Please give you opinion! Here the Press release with link to the paper at the end. 

Last Sunday 29th March, the Council of the European Green Party adopted its common Youth Policy Paper presented by its youth wing, the Federation of Young European Greens. Gathered in Brussels, right after their Elections Congress, the European Greens showed their commitment with young people and future generations stating clearly the need to invest in young people as the basis for a green future. This paper confirms that the Green party clearly speaks about the problems faced by all young people and proposes answers to their most pressing issues.

In a context of crisis, where Greens in Europe claim a Green New Deal as the only feasible way out of the financial, socio-economical and environmental clashes, youth is one of the crucial elements to ensure a sustainable future. There is an urgent need to shift towards a modern society, based on knowledge and clean technology, and youth must share responsibility for it. However, currently lacking socio-economic progress must be made to make this possible. This is the general aim pursued by the paper, which is not only focusing on youth-specific issues but also addresses common challenges for the society as a whole. Therefore, genuine topics such as youth leisure and mobility go hand in hand with more general social challenges, like education, employment, housing or health, always with an emphasis on the reality of young people.

Reflecting on this, Marina Barbalata, FYEG Spokesperson, comments: “The adoption of this paper shows on the one hand how FYEG can be an important pillar for the European Greens, not only in the field of action but also in the political debate. After two years of being the official youth wing of the European Green Party, we have been able to contribute to strengthen Greens policy by bringing forward a very progressive document in terms of youth policies. On the other hand, it is important for us Greens of all ages to confirm politically that we are the party that believes in young people and addresses their specific needs. It is important to set clear that we keep our grassroots essence and here the youth movements have a lot to say. It is a renewed commitment to our origins.”

Marc Giménez, co-Spokesperson of FYEG, adds: “This policy paper is most important for every young person – for those active in politics as well as for those not participating – as political decisions affect our lives. In other words, if you do not do politics others will make it for you. In this sense it is important for young people to have a clear reference of political options defending our rights and struggles to improve our life conditions. And this paper will become a political commitment from a growing Green political space in which the youth perspective will be at the core. Moreover, this represents a clear signal of the growing importance of youth politics and the increasing influence of political youth wings in the political debate. Young activists want to make their voices heard and this is what this paper stands for – politics for young people by young people.”


To access the Youth Policy Paper of the EGP, follow the link:



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