Tata Nano and what should I think about it?

In India, the new „Tata Nano“ car was unveiled is going to give mobilization to possibly millions of people. The media of the Global North is crying „eco-disaster“ (Spiegel) while people of the Global South quote numbers as „cars/person“ to defend their „right“ to a car.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano

I am not hundred percent sure what to think, but I am convinced that there is no right to a car at all. Every person has a right to a reasonable mobilization. This means that for German standards, there has to be a clean, not too crowded bus/train alternative at least every 20min in semi-urban areas like my hometown (outside of Berlin in the suburb), basically around the clock. In India, this means maybe a crowded train every hours (I cannot tell what is „reasonable“ there, since I have not been there yet). But nobody has the right for individual mobilization if this means:

  • emissions higher than what an individual person should be allowed to produce,
  • danger for the public,
  • noise and other problems,
  • culture of waste (new car every 5 years is stupid!).

Here are two links worth reading:

Analysis: Nano Hypocrisy?

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