Silently comes the Cheat to our game…

With the upcoming conference of the Green Party of Germany, the debate around CCS is likely to heat some minds. While some around former Party-Boss Reinhard Bütikofer, Boris Palmer and the popular Reinhard Loske want to set (strong?) conditions to the implementation of CCS in Germany and promote further research. This is considered the right-wing approach within the Green Party. Others fromthe left corner want a total drop of this technology. The Energy-experts of the Party (BAG Energie) has filed and amendment to the proposed version of the Election Manifesto that labels CCS as bad but does not call on forbidding it. However, it makes clear arguments why CCS is crap. The original version calls on a stop in building coal-plants until CCS – even though it is risky – is proven to be operable and safe.

How will this „fight“ end? Will CCS silently even infect the usually critical Greens? I will drop my name in the box during the debate and hope to give voice to a global young green perspective. Leave me comments and I might include a quote from you in my speech – in case I am allowed to speak.

The Link to the Energy-part of the Amendments to the German election Manifesto: here.

Website of my favourite party (in Germany): here!

What is a „BDK“?: this (english).

Website of the „BAG“: here (eng).

Further on the topic:

Englands Secretary for Energy and Climate Change (doesn’t this sound fancy?) favours a new industrial revolution without revolutionizing the way we produce energy – that is a revolution of mind! No new coal plant without CCS is what he propagates, hoping for a weakening of public pressure against new coal-fired power plants across his nation. Similar policies could come true in Germany as well.

Further, I have believed that any underwater storage of CO2 is so very much out of the discussion that I don’t have to fear it anymore. But the official COP15-webiste once again proves to be brain-rocking: North Sea rocks have huge CO2 storage capacity they say. But if you read the article closely, you see the following: The storage-room in the North Sea is big enough for „4.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide – equivalent to the entire carbon dioxide output from Scotland and North East England for two centuries“ – and below that „Scotland’s storage capacity is huge. The aquifers and depleted offshore oil and gas fields are similar to that of Norway, and bigger than that of the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany combined, Bloomberg reports.“ Do the math: if Scotlands (not a huge player compared to some other emitters) emits enough to fill the North Sea (for 200 years – which is not really long if you think about it)… where the freak do we put our German, Ukrainian on Durch CO2-crap?

This article is good for one thing: slowly and silently putting CCS as a viable and feasable alternative to real change into people’s minds. I don’t like this.


Über GYGeorg

Global. Young. Green. Drei Eigenschaften von Georg, der lange u.a. bei den Global Young Greens (GYG) aktiv war und mittlerweile für den Kohleausstieg in Deutschland kämpft.

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