Second Day in Bonn

I arrived yesterday in Bonn but Sunday is a free day wihtout negotiations. Hence, I visited the CAN meeting. The folks there are in large parts real freaks, knowing their subjekt very well and making policy behind the doors. I was deeply impressed and I am happy to have found people like me, that devote a large part of their time to climate policy. However, some seemed to be professionals, doing this on a job-basis and having interest for one or more organizations behind them. Could be good – doesn’t have to. I wills tay critical and have a look into it.

Now I am sitting in the back of the AWG-LCA meeting in Bonn (Hotel Maritim) and when I came in the Chinese delegation said it does not support a registry for NAMAs. Those National Appropriate Mitigation Actions should – according to the proposal – only be registered on a voluntary basis. Now Bolivia is speaking and thus I need to get up and get headphones since my Spanish is a little rusty. I come back to the blog later that day.

UPDATE: G77+China takes NAMAs only, when better linked to REAL progress in technology and financing.

UPDATE: The chair was just giving an email-adress where all Parties can send their proposals (in this case: for REDD+) until 9. Wow – I thought those people use only fancy paper and five copies, not something ordinary like eMail! 🙂

UPDATE: G77 thinks deadline is too close for them to meet.

Further observation: most negotiaters read a speech from their MacBook. 😛


Über GYGeorg

Global. Young. Green. Drei Eigenschaften von Georg, der lange u.a. bei den Global Young Greens (GYG) aktiv war und mittlerweile für den Kohleausstieg in Deutschland kämpft.

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