Copenhagen is dead – long live Copenhagen

Obama admitted during his trip to Asia last week what many people were already saying since the Barcelona-talks earlier this month: Copenhagen will produce a „politically binding“ agreement. Prior to this, a „legally binding“ Agreement was envisioned, meaning a REAL treaty which is enforcable. politically binding is suppose to mean a clear roadmap towards something legal, in effect it is not worth than any sunshine-descision taken by the G8 (among many: reducing poverty, erasing dept of the South, eradicating hunger in the world). Since in reality usually the opposite of „political binding“ agreements happen, I hope Copenhagen will not produce one.
Now the sides are even harder on COP15. On one side the people who still believe in what was promised for the last years: a real treaty that saves the planet. On the other side of the mass of „realist“ folks who want „the best possible“ are also people who have a real (here: opposite to „realist“) opinion: they want no deal an a smash in Copenhagen to show the world that the whole negotiations are crap. This week reality moved their direction.


Über GYGeorg

Global. Young. Green. Drei Eigenschaften von Georg, der lange u.a. bei den Global Young Greens (GYG) aktiv war und mittlerweile für den Kohleausstieg in Deutschland kämpft.

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