The stick in the American …

hand – behind their back. If Congress makes more problems with passing the already weaky bill, another player might help Obama.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America „concludes that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are a threat to public health. As such, the six substances can be subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act.“ (Link to one of the many reports).

This does not just follow a Supreme Court ruling but is also a significant help Obama, who would like to do more on Climate Change but is bound to the slow political process and the continued brainless effort of the political right – even in his own party – who is trying to slow things down.

The ruling is not the biggest surprise: „In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down perhaps the most significant decision ever reached in environmental law. The Court ruled that the Clean Air Act, the landmark 1970 law aimed at protecting our air, is written to include greenhouse gas pollution. That verdict echoed what many scientists, policymakers, and concerned citizens have said for years: there are no more excuses for delay.“ (source: EPA-speech) But now, the EPA has the power to use the prior established GHG-reporting system thanks to the „Endangerment Finding“ to do something against large polluters on behalf of the health of American people. Strange, that the health of the Global South, most threatened by American lifestyle, is not reason enough… whatever.


Über GYGeorg

Global. Young. Green. Drei Eigenschaften von Georg, der lange u.a. bei den Global Young Greens (GYG) aktiv war und mittlerweile für den Kohleausstieg in Deutschland kämpft.

Veröffentlicht am Dezember 8, 2009, in Climate Policy. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink. Hinterlasse einen Kommentar.

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