Cabinet of Mongolia Meets in the Desert…

This is the english echo of a Blog already posted in German on my department’s blog at the Böll Foundation.

Prior to the Copenhagen Climate Disaster Conference, Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maledives created rabblement. He invited his entire Cabinet to a Underwater-Meeting. In doing so, he wanted to show the dooming prospect of climate change on the small island state. And he did!

This idea catches on. Last Friday, the Cabnet of Mongolia also outdared climate change: as a demonstration of how global warming affects their country, they held the meetin in the Gobi Desert. Reports were among other sources at yahoo and Washington Times (with pictures). Interestingly, this was more than a demonstration – the place they met used to be an oasis with agricultural production. But it has turned into a destert in jsut a few years!

But why should only Southern governments do creative actions like these? I think, countries of the Global North should make a move and have their cabinets also meet in places that show catastrophic climate change outcomes. Here are some examples:

– Angela Merkel assemblies her Ministers on a big (self-made) float at the peak of the next Oder-River flooding in Eastern Germany.

– Once the next tornado comes by, Al Gore or Obama could fly in there, having a shaky meeting inside Air Force One. Maybe they end up in with the „Wizard of Ozz“, just like litte Dorothy with her red shoes?

– Chinese Party officials could have a meeting on top of the Himalayan Mountains (now it already belongs to them) and see first-hand how Chinese coal is contributing to glacial meltdown (despite having low per-capita emissions).

Note: if you have more ideas, post them! 🙂


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