Manchmal müssen wir Klimaschutz auch in die Hand nehmen - so wie letzten August im Rahmen von "Ende Gelände".

Manchmal müssen wir Klimaschutz auch in die Hand nehmen – so wie letzten August im Rahmen von „Ende Gelände“.


Antrieb meines politischen Engagements ist seit Jahren „Klimagerechtigkeit“. Doch was verbirgt sich dahinter?

Hier einige Links aus dem BUKO Arbeitsschwerpunkt Soziale Ökologie:
* Philip Bedall & Martina Austen (2010): „Climate Justice. Bezugspunkt einer Gegenhegemonie oder wolkige Leerformel?“
* Till Seidensticker, Niels Spilker & Wasilis von Rauch (2010): „Wer will schon gegen Gerechtigkeit sein? Climate Justice im Elchtest: Kampfbegriff oder mit Absicht ungefüllte Leerformel?“
* Christiane Gerstetter & Ilana Krause (2010): Haltet die Fahne der Gerechtigkeit hoch. Warum es falsch wäre, den Begriff Klimagerechtigkeit aufzugeben.



Hier der ältere (und leider noch nicht übersetzte) Blog-Beitrag mit englischen Material und Link zum Thema Klimagerechtigkeit (engl.: Climate Justice).

Stuff I did:

Talk on Coal and Climate Justice at COP-17 peoples‘ summit in Durban, South Africa (2011)

Here are some links if you are interested in Climate Justice:

Energiekämpfe in Bewegung (German, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung)

Energiedemokratie statt Klimagerechtigkeit (German, Klimaretter.info and Tadzio M.)

Glossar (German)

English literature on ‚Climate Justice‘:
* Diskussions-Papier des Climate Justice Action-Netzwerks (CJA) (2010): „What does climate justice mean in Europe?“
* Apocalypse Anoymous (2010): „Climate Justice and its Anti-Capitalist consequences“
* Brian Tokar (2009): „Toward Climate Justice. Can we turn back from the abyss?“
* Vito de Lucia (2009): „Hegemony and Climate Justice: A Critical Analysis“ (pdf/ S.230ff.)
* Ulrich Brand, Nicola Bullard, Edgardo Lander & Tadzio Müller (Hg.) (2009):„Contours of Climate Justice – Ideas for shaping new climate and energy politics.“ (Critical Currents no. 6, October 2009)
* Alex Foti (2009): „The Precariat and Climate Justice in the Great Recession. The Precarious Question and the Climate Struggle. Fighting for Social and Ecological Justice. Because Climate Change Makes All of Us Precarious.“

Some roots of the Climate Justice Movement:
– Climate Justice Now! Durban Declaration on Carbon Trading
– Bali principles on Climate Justice
– Climate Justice Now!-Statement

Climate Justice tries to empower people, criticizes the ruling discourse and wants to establish alternatives to the „false solutions“ of the current climate regime. Among them is the principle of carbon trading. Criticizing it remains one of the core things to be done by an active climate justice movement. The many loops of the system have yet to be closed and it is up to debate if carbon trading has a true value for the climate and the people.

Carbon trading will not contribute to achieving this protection of the Earth’s climate. It is a false solution which entrenches and magnifies social inequalities in many ways:

The carbon market creates transferable rights to dump carbon in the air, oceans, soil and vegetation far in excess of the capacity of these systems to hold it. Billions of dollars worth of these rights are to be awarded free of charge to the biggest corporate emitters of greenhouse gases in the electric power, iron and steel, cement, pulp and paper, and other sectors in industrialised nations who have caused the climate crisis and already exploit these systems the most. Costs of future reductions in fossil fuel use are likely to fall disproportionately on the public sector, communities, indigenous peoples and individual taxpayers. (Except from the Durban Declaration on Carbon Trading)

A simple critique of the Cap&Trade System can be seen in this entertaining video:

… to be completed soon.

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