Strange Bedfellows: Climate Engineering Politics in the United States (Opinion Article)


Hier ein interessanter Blog über GeoEngineerin in der US-Politik

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Nicholson and Thompson (2015) – Strange Bedfellows CE Politics in the US – Click for download

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.06.11Climate Engineering Subverts Traditional Left-Right Politics

In the United States, positions on climate change have become strong markers of political identity. There are, in fact, very few stronger indicators. Matthew Nisbet, a political communications scholar, places the current public conversation in the United States about climate change in the same rarefied category as debates about gun control and taxes, as one among a handful of issues that most clearly “show two Americas divided along ideological lines.”[1] Indeed, a straightforward way to predict whether a particular person in the United States supports action in response to climate change, or, for that matter, believes that climate change is a real thing, is to ask about their political affiliation.[2] Those who identify as Democrats or political liberals are supposed to, as a matter of political…

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